Vector Weapon Silhouettes

Vector Weapon Silhouettes

I know that I don’t post enough vectors here, therefore I’ve decided to post another interesting set of vectors, because I’m pretty sure that you’re tired from all of those brushes that I posted recently. If you had enough of snow, today I have some weapon silhouettes that you can use in your creations so let’s check them out.

I’m not that really into firearms and such, and to be honest I don’t like it, and I’ve never fired from a gun in my life, and I probably won’t. But despite my aversion that I have for guns, I have to admit that some guns look awesome, and that some of them could easily find place in your designs. Anyhow, this set includes 18 different weapon silhouettes and there are all sorts of guns in this set from various countries. According to my knowledge, on this list we have a nice AK 47, MP5, an Uzi, Famas, and some other guns that I saw only in video games. Besides guns, there’s something for the fans of heavy weapons and that seems to be a grenade launcher. Overall, this set of vectors is awesome, and if you’re into weapons or if you just need weapon silhouettes for your designs, this set might be perfect for you.

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