3 Free Glitter Textures

3 Free Glitter Textures

I hope that you’ve enjoyed in latest textures that I’ve shared with you. Although last set of textures was high quality and high-resolution one, some folks complained that textures looked alike, therefore, I’ve decided to add another set of textures for you today.

No, this time there are no paper textures, no scratches, and no dirt. Today, we have a set of three textures created by Kizuna-Becs-Textures, and all of these textures come in different sizes. Although they could have been bigger, they are amazing, and I’m positive that they’ll find place in your designs someday. Although they might look like pieces of shattered glass, they are actually glitter textures. I have no idea how these textures are made, but I have to admit that they look great, although I’m not really a fan of glitter. I’ve never used glitter textures before, but after looking these great textures, I might even consider about using them someday in the future. I’ll be honest, I was a bit surprised when I saw these textures, because I’ve never seen a glitter textures before, but from the first sight I knew that I wanted to share these with you. Anyhow, I hope that you’ll like this textures and that you’ll use them in your designs someday.

glitter texture Download Glitter 01 Texture

Download Glitter 02 Texture

Download Glitter 03 Texture


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