Smoke And Fire Pictures for your designs

Smoke And Fire Pictures for your designs

As you probably noticed, I didn’t post anything for a while because I had some technical difficulties and due to these difficulties my computer got caught on fire. There was fire and smoke all over the place but luckily, the fire was easily put out, and there hasn’t been any damage. Okay, I lied, but it seems that someone had a close experience with smoke and fire since he created those sweet free design resources that I’ll share with you today.

Today I have another highly used resource that you’ll sure use in your designs someday. Since it’s hard to create fire and smoke effect I decided to share some smoke and fire pictures that I found a few day ago. Creator of these elements didn’t’ set his computer or anything else on fire in order to take these. Instead, the author created these in 3D Studio Max thanks to the special plugins. There are all sorts of pictures inside, both in .jpeg and .png file format, and most of those pictures are 2000×2000 pixels.

As for the pictures, there are more than 60 smoke and fire pictures inside, and you’ll find all sorts of fires, explosions, and smoke to warm up your designs in these cold winter days.

Download Smoke And Fire Pictures for your designs


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