Light up your designs with flame brushes

Light up your designs with flame brushes

I’m honestly hoping that you guys are enjoying in winter and snow because I’m not. Although the snow is melting again, I’ve managed to caught a cold, so I’m in no mood to post any snowflakes. Despite my sickness, I’ve managed to find some nice free design resources that I want to share with you, and that will definitely keep you warm in these cold winter days.

If you’re cold or if you’re having a cold just like me I suggest that you light a fire that will keep you warm. Of course, if you cannot light a fire for some reason than you could probably use one of these brushes to keep you warm in these cold days. Honestly, I doubt that brushes will keep you warm, but they might add some hotness to your designs. Unlike Smoke And Fire Pictures for your designs that I’ve posted a while ago, this set includes only brushes, so your effects might not be amazing as you think. Anyhow, this doesn’t mean that this set of brushes is bad, on the contrary, this set is pretty nice and it includes eight different brushes that you can use. This set is created in Photoshop CS3 Portable by connecttohuman-x and it should work without any problems with Photoshop CS3 and newer versions.

If you’re looking for something to warm you up in these cold days, make sure that you grab these brushes while they are hot.

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