13 Crumpled Paper Textures

13 Crumpled Paper Textures

I think that we had enough brushes for Photoshop recently, so it’s time for me to present you with another free web design resources that you can use. Since we had enough brushes recently, I decided to share a set of textures with you. You’ve seen several different sets of textures here, but today I have the opportunity to present you with some paper textures that will surely find a good place in your designs.

Paper textures are commonly used in design, both graphical, both web, and luckily for you I’ve managed to find 13 crumpled paper textures that you can use in your designs. I’ll have to disappoint you a bit since there are no actual 13 files in this set, instead, you have 6 PNG files, and only two of those six PNG files contain full resolution textures. The remaining four files contain crumpled paper slices, so when you add those two papers and crumpled paper slices you’ll get 13 textures. As for those slices, they look good and they are perfect if you need to create a design that includes actual slices instead of real paper, and some of those slices even have paperclips on them, which is always a nice detail. Overall, these textures look great, so make sure that you don’t miss them.

Download 13 Crumpled Paper Textures


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