6 Color Stained Rock Textures

6 Color Stained Rock Textures

Patterns and brushes are awesome design resources, but they aren’t always the best solutions when it comes to filling surfaces. Brushes are simple, and patterns can get repetitive , so if you don’t want to get bored from the seamless patterns, and add some diversity to your designs at the same time, textures are all that you need. Therefore, today I have another set of textures that you can use in your designs, so let’s check out this sweet set of textures, shall we?

This time I have 6 Color Stained Rock Textures for you, and you’ll be pleased to hear that this set is completely free for commercial and personal use. How sweet is that? Anyhow, these rock textures look amazing, and all of them are 2448×3264 pixels in size. Since they are colored, they have that grunge look, and they are simply beautiful. To be honest, I love all the textures in this set, and it’s almost a shame that there aren’t more of them in it, but that’s okay. I’m no expert, but it seems that person that made these rock textures colored them with Photoshop or some other software. Nevertheless, they are amazing, and I’m positive that they’ll find place in your creations.

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