More Icons: Nice Set Of Social Icons For Your Future Design

More Icons: Nice Set Of Social Icons For Your Future Design

Since everybody is talking about social networking nowadays, I thought that it would be a right time to give you a set of social icons that you can use in your creations, so I’ve managed to find a single set of most important social icons that you might use in your designs.

Like I said, it’s all about social networking, and all the time we hear Twitter this, Twitter that, Facebook this and Facebook that, so it’s more than obvious that social networks take a huge part of our lives. This is one of the mains reasons why you should always promote your site on social networking sites, or at least have a profile on those.They are one of the best ways to expand your audience, so social icons are a must when you’re designing your future website. With such focus on social networks, social icons have become a one free web design resource that you must have, and luckily for you, today’s set includes some of the nicest social icons that you have seen. This set includes five different icons in several colors, and all of these icons are created by Adobe Illustrator CS3 and they are saved in .ai and .eps file format.

They are simple and they look great, and if you’re designing a new website, you’ll definitely need a set of social icons, so make sure that you get these while they are hot.

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