Fully Editable Simple Dark Navigation Menu

Fully Editable Simple Dark Navigation Menu

OK, today we have something bit different. This is not a standard Photoshop resource, but it will definitely come in handy to web designers and coders. Today we have web design resource that you can use on your webpages, so make sure that you check it out.

As you know, simple and plain menus are not that interesting, if they aren’t amazingly designed, so why should you be stuck with a plain old static menu? Drop down menus are great, they are attractive, they are dynamic and best of all, they are free, well in this case at least. You can design your own menu, and that’s not that hard, but there’s no need to design a beautiful dropdown menu when you can download it for free. That’s right, today we have a sweet Simple Dark Navigation Menu that you can use in your designs, and best of all is the fact that this menu is fully editable. This menu comes in PSD file and you can edit it in any way you like, as long as you follow the author’s rules.

As for this menu, it’s simple and it looks great, and since it fully editable it will be great web design resource for all web designers that know how to code a drop down menu.

Simple Dark Navigation Menu Download


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