Graffiti Like Spray Brushes

Graffiti Like Spray Brushes

I hope you liked our previous cat brushes, but today we have something maybe more interesting. Today we offer you brushes for graffiti artists, in for of graffiti spray. Graffiti are very important part of urban culture of every country in the world. Millions of walls are painted with graffiti, which present various signs, pictures and other street artistic works. Street artists all over the world, have developed amazing skills in graffiti painting. But graffiti painting is illegal somewhere and this is a problem to all passionate graffiti artists. Some of them are painting under street names and hiding from police. But we have solution, now you can paint graffiti legal, as much as you want. Of course, I’m talking about painting graffiti in Photoshop. And these graffiti spray brushes are perfect for it. You can paint great graffiti in Photoshop, even better than those on the streets. Just download graffiti like spray brushes and you can start to paint your virtual world in Photoshop. These brushes are, also great combination with our brick wall texture . Now you have wall, you have graffiti spray, your part is just to paint beautiful street picture.

Download “Graffiti Like Spray Brushes” here.



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