Realistic Artistic Watercolor Brushes For Photoshop

Realistic Artistic Watercolor Brushes For Photoshop

This is something for real artists and painters, or for those who would like to become artist or painter. We have special set of artistic watercolor brushes. Just like you paint your canvas, you can now paint your pictures in Photoshop. The pack contains 20 high-resolution brushes (around 2000×2000 pixels), that are perfect when applied on paper textures.

So don’t forget to check out our Various Paper Textures and Colored Crumpled Paper texture. On these textures you can paint amazing pictures with these brushes. We also have another tip for you, how to use these watercolor brushes, this is our new tutorial “How To Create Watercolor Typography Painting”, where these brushes are featured.

 Download “Realistic Artistic Watercolor Brushes For Photoshop” here.


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