More Brushes: 28 High Resolution Watercolor Brushes

More Brushes: 28 High Resolution Watercolor Brushes

When it comes to graphic and web design, all designers need free design resources, and luckily for you, I have some nice free resources for you today that you’re going to love. Do you remember the latest set of brushes that I posted yesterday? Yes, the 25 Watercolor Texture Brushes were quite a nice set of brushes for all of you, and if you liked them, I’m positive that you’ll like the latest set of brushes that I have for you today.

It seems that watercolors are quite popular when it comes to graphical design, and all the designers are trying to get their hands on some watercolor brushes.Well, if you’re looking for some watercolor brushes, look no more, since I have another set of watercolor brushes that you’re going to love. Today’s set includes 28 watercolor brushes, and they come in different shapes of washes, strokes and splatters, and I’m positive that it will look terrific in your designs. As for the size of these watercolor brushes, they vary in size, and we have some smaller ones that are 600px, but besides those, some of them are even 2200px. Despite the variety of sizes, all of these brushes provide amazing quality, and they are one set that you need to have in your resource collection.

Download these, and I hope that you’ll enjoy in them as much as I did.

Download 28 High-Res Watercolor Brushes


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