3 Scratched Dirty Paper Textures

3 Scratched Dirty Paper Textures

After background patterns and some buttons resources, I’ve decided to share some nice textures with you. Textures are always great solutions when your designing, especially if they are made from real materials, because they make your works come to life. Today I have three textures for you, so feel free to check them out.

These textures are made by redwolf518stock, and they are simply amazing. You might be disappointed that these three textures look almost the same, because it’s a single texture with different color effects, but after a closer look, you’ll realize that each and every of these textures is special and unique in its own way. Anyhow, as I mentioned earlier, we have three textures for you today, and all of them look like they are made from scratched and dirty piece of wood of paper, so I’ll assume that these are scratched and dirty paper textures since they seem crumpled in the corner. Great thing about those three textures is the fact that all of them are highly detailed and all of them are in 3872×2592 pixel resolution.

Interesting thing about these textures is that each and every of them has its own name, so we have Hughes, Reiner, and Allen. These are bit of unusual names for dirty paper textures, but nevertheless, these textures are something that you should check out.

Dirty Paper Texture Download Hughes Texture

Download Reiner Texture

Download Allen Texture


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