Walls and Bricks: 11 Brick Wall Brushes

Walls and Bricks: 11 Brick Wall Brushes

Did you enjoy in last textures that I posted? Well, I hope you did, because today I have something bit different from the last time. As you know, you don’t have to use texture images to create a texture for your designs, although that might be the best and the fastest solution. If you don’t want to use images as a background textures, you can easily use brushes for that purpose, and speaking of using brushes as textures in Photoshop, today I have several brushes that you’re going to use for that purpose.

We see brick walls every day, on all sorts of buildings, and it’s no wonder to see brick walls in design, both graphical and web. Brick wall textures and brick wall brushes are quite popular among designers, and if you were looking for Brick Wall Brushes for Photoshop, look no more, because you’re at the right place. This nice set that I’ve prepared has 11 Brick Wall Brushes that you can use for background decoration, or for anything that you want. In order to use this set, you’ll need Photoshop CS3 or newer and you’re free to use these brushes for personal or commercial use, so be quick and download them now.

Brick Wall Photoshop Brushes

Download 11 Brick Wall Brushes


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